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Who are Red Army Loud and Proud?
Red Army Loud & Proud are a small group of STFC fans determined to bring back the atmosphere and fun to match days.

   Where did the idea come from?

Red Army Loud & Proud was started after the defeat in the 2005/06 season away to MK Dons on the 1st October. The general mood amongst fans was very low, with STFC firmly rooted to the bottom of league 1. It was stated by some that it was time to be loud and proud, for the good of the team instead of letting the depression of results set in. From this the inspiration for Red Army Loud & Proud was born. Members of the loud and proud team as it now stands decided to try something different. Speed radar football & beat the goalkeeper were purchased and set up outside the Stadium for the day, ticker tape was produced along with the purchase of thousands of balloons and beach balls. Through local media, fans were encouraged to bring a friend along for the first time, to wear something red, to wave a scarf, bring a banner or flag & to generally raise the atmosphere, hopefully helping to turn the fortunes of our struggling team. The day was a great success with many fans commenting on how refreshing it was for us to be doing something positive.

   What Happened Next?

Our next task was to design and print 10,000 leaflets, highlighting our aims and to encourage all STFC fans to make a big effort for the upcoming local derby against Bristol City. We then distributed these through the turnstiles at the next home game. On the day of the game the L&P team, with the help of others, turned up 7 hours before kick off to put out thousands or pre made bags of ticker tape onto seats for fans to throw as the teams emerged from the tunnel. We also put out tens of banners, some being made or collected from other fans before the game. The night was a huge success with a 2-1 victory for the team. There was no doubt now, loud and proud was here to stay.

What are the Aims of Red Army Loud and Proud?
  • To be the 12th man at every match
  • To introduce more club colours into the match day experience
  • To continuously grow it's membership meaning more people taking part
  • To have fun on match days - home and away
  • To hold various events at selected matches throughout the season
  • To purchase match day items to add to the visual aspect of the atmosphere
  • To do exactly as it says on the tin. Be loud & be proud.
  • To become recognised around the country as one of the best sets of fans.
  • What have we acheived?
  • Created a positive vibe on matchdays
  • Raised the spirits of fans on the web
  • Introduced new STFC fans - all of whom are now avid fans, attending every home game
  • Improved relations between the club and its supporters
  • Gained extra media coverage for the club
  • Helped in the KTIS campaign - attending meetings and distributing postcards and flyers
  •    How can you help?

    You can help fund future events at the County Ground, or around the country, by making a donation using paypal, just click on the button below

    Details of other things you can do to help can be found here You could be responsible for funding something like this!

       The Dull but Important Stuff!

    Red Army Loud and Proud have a formal constitution, appointed chair, secretary and treasurer. Full details can be read here

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